2014 Wolff Award Paper: The Relation Between Migraine, Typical Migraine Aura and “Visual Snow”

The Palinopsia Foundation is dedicated to facilitating global research into the causes, treatments and an eventual cure for palinopsia by:

• Promoting cross-disciplinary cooperation
• Funding research
• Establishing standards for data collection and management to benefit the scientific community

In any disease or disorder, there are four basic questions that can be investigated to improve its understanding:

• What causes it? (Etiology)
• What is it? (Biology)
• How do you know if someone has it? (Diagnosis)
• How do we make it better? (Treatment)

In addition, as we begin to discover answers to these questions it is equally important to ask: How do we translate these findings into practice? (Dissemination).

Palinopsia demands answers for each of these questions. All are priorities.